Since the very beginning the ZEN Experience have been based on an impeccable service, love and respect for each client and guest and a solid musical product that never fails and keeps evolving.. The almost 5 year unprecedented success of ZEN would never have been possible without these fine gentlemen:

Multible AWARD Winning multi-platinum selling DJ KONGSTED: We like to think of him as a son of ZEN, but in reality gave birth to the place and he has been a cornerstone of the ZEN experience from the very start. very few DJ´s understands how to deliver a full on explosive party for 6 hours straight the way that he does, touching every genre in his own unique way with a heartfelt sense of the crowd and a pure musicality and imagination.. You will never be bored during one of KONGSTED´s legendary sets… its no coinkidinky that KONGSTED wins BEST DJ of THE YEAR, BEST COMMERCIAL DJ of THE YEAR and every other possible DJ award.

YOUR GIRLFRIENDS FAVOURITE DJ // Not only is he one of our best looking employes, he is also one of the brightest and most musically gifted… DJ PHILL JONES is THE R&B KING of Copenhagen.. A renowned international R&B producer in his own right, DJ Phill does what no other DJ seems to master – for 15 consecutive years he has failed to disappoint even the pickiest R&B crowd… His sets are AMAZING and we could listen to his shit all day ER´DAY – Can´t touch it, the godfather of DIRTY

WINNER of the burn Residency 2014 DK – The super tastefull Sonar freak, that knows how to pack a commercial floor, when needed. A true master of deep house.. in our humble opinion MATISSE has the best musical taste of any DJ in Copenhagen.. Always understated, never defeated – he has SO much more talent than he would ever admit and almost every club swap ZEN has done around europe (CARPE DIEM, CAVALLI, CHINA WHITE) has been a phenomenal success due to HENRI MATISSE´s talent and we dread the day we loose him to one of IBIZA´s biggest clubs – Don´s leave us MATISSE!!!

The YODA of ZEN, the golden child, the intern accountant, the promoter, the VJ, the R2D2 asian brainiac, event manager, friend and Mascot ! Anything said about the 3 other resident guys will in due time be said about this BOI WANDA, wonder of nature.. His almost autistic memory for what works, whats good and whats needed shows in every set he plays and anything he does, with incredible attention to details… A megalomanic in the works, but a kind spirit, a true friend, a unique talent and a GREAT DJ at heart