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㊣ HOPE 17.09 ㊣
This coming Thursday we have the pleasure of having “TIGER”, who is currently in the TV series “Fucking Fornuftig”, where you follow his escapades together with his crew: TopGunn, Hanned & Kongen. He will be in charge of the musical tones together with the DJs Oh Boy! & Santi, and we know that his music will bite itself firmly in the eardrums. We are together with Joe ready for a opulent and memorable evening, which we will undoubtedly love on Thursday and be hating a lot on Friday… Be here early, unless you will be standing in line all night! We look foroward to see you!

Follow Joe’s life on Instagram & Snapchat: hopethebox
✍ Guest list & table reservations:

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Privacy is not something that we are merely entitled to, it’s an absolute prerequisite. This is the private settings in what we call our second home. Without further ado, I give to you, a night to remember. We are ready – must be seen to believed! Let’s press start!

㊣ CIRCUS of ZEN 19.09 ㊣
The Circus is always the safe choice on any given Saturday night! The main attraction of the week! This evening will bring you endless surprises, sublime decor, impeccable service, beautiful visuals, sexy & adventurous, pure & simple! And let’s just say that it’s probably a good idea to arrive early this night! The house will be full from before we open officially. Let the games begin!

✉ Table reservations Emil Dogan: / +45 41141433
✍ Guest list:

With Love & Gratitude,
Remee& The ZEN Family ㊣

Here we go again – another pop up and international collaboration!!!
ZEN host LONDON FASHION WEEK at the amazing Project London this Saturday the 19th!!!
Inbox for table reservations or futher info!!!



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