No limits.

The Private settings are set. Three huge parties will clash down into one. The curtains are ready to drop and we are ready to greet You. See You this coming Friday where the club is hosted by RE WEAR – 2nd hand clothes at a first class party! We are ready for a new weekend at your favourite club.

㊣ CIRCUS of ZEN 10.10 ㊣
The Circus has no limits. Saturday Nights have Never been more glamorous in CPH and the energy and atmosphere Always blows Your mind – We are proud to have you and Can’t wait to see you again, ’cause you’re so freakin’ hot !!! WARNING : It’s highly addictive! All tables sold out like always! Please Arrive early!

✉ Table reservations: / +454141433

✍ Guest list:

With Love & Gratitude, REWEAR, Remee & The ZEN Family ㊣


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