Hope Nightclub




The frustrations of the majority of women in the Copenhagen nightlife had reached the limit after they had over and over been disappointed in their search for the exact place where they could party without restraints.
Their prayers and doubts were answered with the birth of Joe Hope. When they had more or less given up, he came along.

He is a Casanova, as to his charm, powers of conviction and natural approach to women in Copenhagen and also as to his decadent and pompous lifestyle, which entails that he only mixes and parties with the crème de la crème of the profiles in the Copenhagen nightlife.


He is also a Gatsby on account of his love of parties that people love to join and do not forget. He will do his best to invite you in for an extravagant experience coloured by whatever you can imagine.But a coin has two sides – and to Joe Hope the other side of the coin is that he is a hopeless romantic who falls in love every weekend. He is in love equally with models and with bottles and he finds it difficult to separate them from himself.Much can be said about Joe, but his most important attribute is his constant search for creating an unforgettable evening for his fellow human beings.

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