6 years

6 years ago, a dream was fulfilled and the very foundation of ZEN was made! It has truly been a magnificent journey which have been filled with countless experiences, unforgettable moments all together with our very best & most loyal friends! Huge birthday celebration from 10pm for our members and special invited guests with luxurious sushi & complimentary bar! We are looking forward to celebrate this milestone with you!

㊣ CIRCUS of ZEN 30.01 / Bloggers Delight ㊣
The Circus is always the safe choice on any given Saturday night! The main attraction of the week! This evening will bring you endless surprises, sublime decor, impeccable service, beautiful visuals, sexy & adventurous, pure & simple! And let’s just say that it’s probably a good idea to arrive early this night! The house will be full from before we open officially with all the beautiful people from Bloggers Delight. Let the games begin!

✉ Table reservations: ed@zen.dk / +45 41141433
✍ Guest list: list@zen.dk
With Love & Gratitude, Remee& The ZEN Family ㊣

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